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A nugget of gold for those of you who find this:

Platform Gina in the aetherband (which you can clearly see) in a triad of inferior miraging.

I have made the observation and suggestion that ALL MIRAGES are inferior mirages. That is NOT the accepted science. The presentment of an inferior mirage is very oftener an incomplete one; namely, the full inverted image is not seen.
Now, the premise behind the superior mirage is that it is a projection UP from the erect image. These images, in direct opposition to that of the limited inferior mirage, might have up to three flip-flopped inversions. That is, there is the erect image; then the super-inverted and then the re-verted.
But here is the kicker: Andrew Thomas Young asserts that the limit of the inferior mirage, at sea, forms the apparent horizon*–that is, that which most take to be a visible demonstration of earth curve, ATY says is an effect of the mirage. Now, to the superior mirage; but first, this: ok, as was state above the limit of the inferior mirage is that its full inverted image is rarely seen and this can be due to either of two variables. The first being the position of the viewer; and the second being the conditions of the medium. Now, here is the punchline before the build up: what if the conditions of what is called a superior mirage are simply the more extreme condition to produce the full image of the inferior mirage…and then, at times, with a triple image?

Superior Inferior Mirage

*I don’t yet know how to post citations, so this is what you get: “Inferior mirages: an improved model,” Andrew T. Young Astronomy Department, San Diego State University, San Diego, California 92182
ATY emailed me this pdf, so I’m assuming that means it is not public domain.

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