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It is not a small matter to call into question the consensus on any matter in any field. The analogy I go to on this discussion is that of a rookie detective calling into question an infamous case where they got the bad guy. This young, green, and wet-behind-the-ears whelp wants to peruse the file of all files. Loooooong story short, he “sees” something that creates reasonable doubt in his mind that the case isn’t as neat as the books say it is. What does he do? He’s seen the “movies;” whistleblowers are like death and taxes: resisted and fought against like the plague. What is one to do?

So, reasonable doubt; reasonable doubt; reasonable doubt. If there is an alternative explanation for accepted “scientifically established,” what? Proof? Let’s start there. Does science prove things? What does science do? Let’s do a random search and look at a high ranking page to see what “science” does. First return was from FORBES: Proof Is A Myth
Ok, so, let’s look at this article’s thesis: when it comes to science, proving anything is an impossibility. Is it? Why is it? What “proof” do you have this is the case? How is a thing in science established as “fact,” reality, or “science?” Is there a method to discerning the “how-to” of a thing? Let’s not create a new argument but use a mirage as our case study. But first, to the method (if there is one). Ok, GOOGLE! Search: What is the scientific method!!

GOOGLE Search (Video at 1.5x speed)

So, the images I have captured have given me enough probable cause to consider that there is reasonable doubt to trust the current mainstream narrative about refraction phenomena with regard to atmospheric optics, otherwise, affectionately known as “the aetherband.”