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Candid Memories

When I was in my teens I was the guy with a Kodak disposable camera snapping pics of my friends sleeping with mouths agape and mid sentence, “You-better-not…” Well, now it’s come full circle.

I created ætherband φotography & Candid Memories as a concept for capturing life unawares and unscripted; for those moments of life where your laughter and looks are captured in the blink of an eye.

There is always someone taking a picture and that someone can never BE in the picture he’s taking. Not only that but trying to pose a large family or group of friends can be like herding cats. Let life happen with you in it and those  looks, laughs, gaffs, mouthfuls, and candid moments you never saw will be sure to bring a smile to your eye.

Events for candid moments:

  • anniversary
  • weddings (I’ll get those photos the “other” photographer won’t)

“Travis, Karen and I really appreciate the photos you took of us on our 1 month anniversary. We couldn’t choose a favorite if we had to. They were all great.”

Dennis and Karen

  • birthday
  • family beach, park, hike, pool day

“Capturing memories with your loved ones is always a challenge when you just want to live in the moment, and one person has to remove themselves from that moment to take pictures. Travis solves that issue, and the result is beautiful, candid images of your time together.”

Happy Holidays!
  • surfing

  • Rock Climbing
  • promenade walks

For bookings, please email aetherband.photography@gmail.com, or phone/text 805.603.7713

I look forward to capturing your life unawares.